10 Highest Paying Remote Jobs in 2022

Who doesn’t want to earn money without leaving their home comfort? Remote or virtual work became popular earlier than the pandemic when the internet became more accessible.

As 2020 pandemic changed the world and effected it many ways. Many offices converted their employs to work remotely. This gave rise to remote jobs and people led to put a great emphasize on their remote career.

As working from home now a days is easy, good pay rated, so it is attracting more people. As the companies offering highest paying remote jobs, so people are preferring more virtual jobs rather than the formal one. For example a single website offers many jobs like blogs, content writing, SEO, Graphic designing and that is just front end developing and on the other hand the back end developing which consists of programming and coding, is one of the highly pay rated remote job now a days. So remote work is expanding day by day.

There are top 10 highly pay rated jobs offered by companies and individuals.

10 Highest Paying Remote Jobs in 2022

1. Block chain Developer

Blockchain.com is the platform that provides different services for Cryptocurrency. These Services include Cryptocurrency Wallet, Exchange, block Explorer and institutional markets offering.

A blockchain develops blockchains. There are sub divisions of a block chain developer.

  • Core Blockchain Developer
  • Blockchain Software Developer

Pay Rate of a Blockchain Developer

One of the Most highest pay rated remote job offers $121,875 per year in USA on entry level while the experienced level are making up to $177,350 per year in USA.

While the average pay rate is $73.33 per hour.

2. Data Scientist

Data scientists are the main opponents of data, collecting and analyzing large sets of formal and informal data. The role of data scientist includes computer science, mathematics, and mathematics. They analyze, analyze, and model data and interpret results to build effective systems for companies and organizations.

The work of a data scientist often involves creating the concept of dirty, random data, from sources such as smart devices, social media feeds, and inaccurate emails on a website.

Pay Rate of Data Scientist

This one of the Highest Pay rated Remote Job offers around $80,000 for Entry Level up to $200,000 per year for Experienced Level in the USA.

3. Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer is an IT professional who is responsible for any technical tasks associated with cloud computing, including design, planning, management, maintenance, and support. Cloud Engineer is a common term that encompasses a few different roles, including: cloud builder. Cloud software engineer.

Pay Rate of Cloud Engineer

Average Pay Rate of a cloud Engineer varies from $68,000 per year in USA to $160,000 per year in USA, from Entry to Experienced level respectively.

4. Business Development Manager

Business development incorporates activities and processes into developing and exploiting growth opportunities within and between organizations. It is a subset of business and organizational theories.

Pay Rate of a BDM

One of the most simple but highest pay rated remote job offers around average from $40,000 per year in USA to $140,000 per year in USA, from entry to experienced level respectively.

5. Software Engineer/Software Developer

Software program engineering is the branch of computer technology that deals with the layout, development, checking out, and maintenance of software applications. Also, they observe engineering ideas and know-how of programming languages to build software answers for stop users.

Pay rate of a Software Engineer

This could be a remote job or Regular office job which offers from average $40,000 to $100,000 per year in USA, based on Entry to Experience level respectively.

6. Product Manager

A product manager is an expert function this is liable for the development of merchandise for an agency, referred to as the exercise of product management. Product managers very own the product method at the back of a product, specify its practical requirements, and manage function releases.

Pay Rate of a Product Manager

Average pay rate of a product manager varied from $30 per hour to $35 per hour in USA.

Yearly offers up to $120,000 in USA based on your Entry/Experience level.

7. Virtual Assistant

A digital assistant is usually self-employed and gives professional administrative, technical, or innovative help to customers remotely from a domestic office.

Pay Rate of a Virtual Assistant

In USA average pay rate of a VA is $22.9 per hour, could vary from $18 to $60 per hour in USA based on your experience.

8. Web Designer

Web Designers create and build web sites and web pages with the aid of combining any variety of visual design elements such as text, pictures, portraits, animations and videos. A web clothier could create a trendy internet site or actually make updates to the layout and layout of existing pages.

Pay Rate of web developer

Pay Rate of a web designer varies from $26.8 to $62.8 depend upon your experience level.

9. Network Architect

Network Architect is a professional who looks after communication networks, which includes neighborhood location networks (LANs), huge region networks (WANs), and intranets. They play a vital function in creating, maintaining and editing an IP network’s hardware, software and virtualized components.

Pay Rate of a Network Architect

Average national salary for a network architect is $105.675 per year in USA.

10. Technical Writer

A technical author is a professional statistics communicator whose challenge is to switch records between or more events, through any medium that nice helps the switch and comprehension of the information.

Pay Rate of a technical writer

Average National salary of a Technical writer is $68,555 per year in USA.

Admit or not we all do not wanted to leave our home environment because it is helping us to improve our productivity skills. So search you skill matching jobs and be productive by staying home.

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